The Washington Times-Herald

July 24, 2012

Local man killed in truck accident

By Nate Smith
Washington Times-Herald

WASHINGTON — A Washington man was killed when a truck he was working on fell on him.

John Henry Coleman, 49, 1004 Downey Ave., was killed at 9:38 p.m. at his home when the 1991 Chevrolet S-10 truck he was underneath slipped off a jack and fell on him, killing him.

According to the Washington Police Department, family members were next to Coleman when the truck fell. They tried to get the truck back jacked up, but could not.

They then called 911.

Detectives said the truck was not secured correctly when using a jack and it rolled backward off the jack.

Daviess County Coroner Stephen Cullen declared Coleman dead at the scene. The death was ruled an accident by city police and no charges are pending against anyone involved in the accident.

Coleman’s arrangements are through Gill Funeral Home.