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November 19, 2013

Ways to help those in need

BY Lindsay Owens
Times Herald

---- — Ways to help those in need

BY Lindsay Owens

Times Herald

Several organizations have offered to assist people in need after a tornado swept through the west side of Washington wrecking havoc on homes and businesses.

The Kingdom Life Church, located 320 S. Meridian, is serving as the volunteer check point as well as a place for residents to come get food and other relief items.

“We’ve had several volunteers sign up and head out to help with the clean up efforts,” said DJ Bechtel, of the American Red Cross. “We are also feeding workers, homeowners, residents and volunteers here at the church. All of our food and drinks have been donated by businesses, organizations and individuals and now we are looking to put the people who are still without power in a warm place for the night.”

Today volunteers with equipment who have signed up with the Red Cross will be gathering at Kingdom Life at 7:30 a.m. Volunteers without equipment will be allowed to begin work at 9 a.m.

“We will have this area all blocked off so that only registered volunteers can get into the areas with damage,” said Angela Quast, one of the volunteer organizers.

Bring Hanah Home, a disaster relief non-profit based in Bloomington, has a volunteer team in place that is willing to help with clean up efforts and bring supplies.

Heather Pawluk, executive director of the organization, said that the group has been sent to Joplin after Hurricane Sandy and helped with relief efforts after the tornadoes in Oklahoma earlier this year. “It would be lovely to offer a helping hand to a fellow Hoosier in need,” said Pawluk.

To get in touch with Pawluk call 812-327-5876 or e-mail her at

Christopher Wiles, pulpit minister at the Washington Church of Christ, said he received a phone call on Monday from churches of Christ Disaster Relief based in Nashville, Tenn. Christ Disaster Relief surveyed the community and are sending a semi-trailer Tuesday with disaster relief food and supply boxes to Washington for distribution.

“All we need are about 12 strong backs to help unload,” said Wiles who as of press time was unsure of what time the truck would be arriving. “I’ll know more of a time frame tomorrow morning when the truck gets rolling.”

If you are interested in helping unload the supplies or are in need, contact the Washington Church of Christ at 254-0508 or stop by the Kingdom Life Church.