The Washington Times-Herald

July 16, 2012

NEW! Pilot okay, plane able to land on I-69

Washington Times Herald

WASHINGTON — A pilot of a small aircraft thought his plane was leaking fuel when he radioed the Daviess County Airport requesting an emergency landing.

He was able to safely land on the northbound lane of Interstate 69, on a section of finished pavement near CR 900N and 475E, about 9 miles northeast of Washington. The plane was not reportedly damaged.

Cher Elliott from the Indiana Department of Transportation confirmed with the Times Herald the report of the safe landing.

Airport officials had notified Daviess County Sheriff's Department officials that a plane in trouble just before noon today. Authorities were searching a possible crash site when they learned of the safe landing.

No other details are known. Authorities are still investigating, including officials from the Federal Aviation Administration.