The Washington Times-Herald

July 18, 2013

Barr-Reeve School Board

By Lindsay Owens
Washington Times Herald

WASHINGTON — The Barr-Reeve School Board heard comments from educators and members of the public concerning music education courses for the upcoming school year tonight. A standing room only crowd was on hand to discuss the potential changes in the structure of music courses for grades five through 12.

Superintendent Travis Madison and the members of the school board stressed that none of these decisions were set in stone yet but as it currently stands, Stephanie O’Brian would be teaching all band courses as well as chorus at the high school level and Jayna Swartz was approved to teach elementary music. Discussion of the possible elimination of or reduction of the number of days per week students in fifth grade would attend band was always discussed. “It all comes down to instructional time and I wish we had time for everything but in fifth grade there’s so much teachers have to cover,” said Madison.

Joyce Kim-Roher, former band director and current South Knox band director, said that teaching both chorus and band would be like having one person coach two sports in the same season. “I think teachers would have to pick and choose what the students participated in and the students would lose out on great opportunities.”

“I don’t have all the answers. Our goal is to provide as good of a program now as we have in the past for our kids,” said Madison. “I know we can do that. Will it be the same as it’s been in the past? No.”

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