The Washington Times-Herald

June 24, 2013

City pool to re-open today, weather permitting

By Dennis Glade
Washington Times-Herald

WASHINGTON — “The City’s Waterworld of Washington passed its water lab test over the weekend,” Mayor Joe Wellman announced this morning.   Wellman continued, “Waterworld will re-open today provided the weather cooperates and no lightning occurs.” 

The city sends water samples to a state-certified lab each week, and on Friday the city received word that the water failed one of the bacteria tests.  Wellman consequently closed the facility in the interest of public safety.  Pool staff on Friday evening then cleaned and back-flushed the water filters, shocked the pool, and sent a water sample in for testing over the weekend.  The samples require a 48-hour culture period before lab results are available. 

“I absolutely hated to close the pool on the hottest weekend of the season so far,”  Wellman said, “but I am very concerned about public safety, so the prudent thing to do was to close the facility.  I apologize to the public that this action was necessary.”

Due to repeated test failures in 2012 in the splash pad area of the facility, the city hired a company to make some improvements over the winter and prior to opening this spring.  “We checked references on the new company and had them inspect our facility and make some improvements to it.  It was our hope that the problems would not reoccur this year after we upgraded to more automated chemical dispensing equipment and better types of chlorine and filter medium.  We had no problems all spring until this weekend, with the splash pad passing but the large pool failing the test.” 

City staff will be meeting with representatives of Spear Corporation, a respected municipal contractor, this week to further review Waterworld’s system and operation.