The Washington Times-Herald

March 30, 2013

Spring is around the corner

By Gregg A. Sims
Washington Times Herald

WASHINGTON — After a period of short consideration, it is my opinion that spring must be the best time of the year.

Like most of you, I find that winter is harder to live with than in years past. The cold temperatures, snow and wind drags me down rather quickly anymore.

Sledding down Goose Hill in Winslow should have been turned into an Olympic sport. The streets were never cleaned, the ditches on the north side of the street were appropriately deep and it was quite easy to grab a foot from the sled in front and send your fellow competitor flying into one of those ditches just past the halfway point of the hill.

But that was some time ago. The streets are now cleaned, and I¹m not certain I could flop on a sled standing still let alone one propelled by the push of a teenager.

I did spend the winter creating a new sport - driving into the side of each opening of a garage.

We had a new one constructed at the beginning of December of 2011. It has served quite well since that time. However, within a two-week period, I hit both entrance sides of the structure in the Simsmobile.

The first side was the left where I apparently was too concerned with the right as I drove into the garage. I caught the left molding about halfway back. It sounded something like the soundtracks of a movie as a submarine creaks and cracks while submerging to a depth that everyone knows will bring nothing but ruin.

The ruin here was pretty simple. One new molding.

Feeling pretty good about myself, I then paid much more attention to the left side entering the garage only to find it with the right front of my favorite orange vehicle nearly head on.

The ruin this time was certainly ruin. Perhaps the worst part was trying to explain to my insurance agent that anyone could do it, especially on a dark winter night with rain falling.

Anyway, that is all over.

The Simsmobile is repaired. The garage does still have a few shiners that won't go away. A very unfortunate reminder each night that I drive back into the opening, both eyes dancing back and forth as I slowly approach.

Yes, that old ball of fire known as the Sun is starting to make a few appearances without a temperature pump fake.

It¹s supposed to be in the 50s, maybe 60s, this weekend.

Baseball is ready to start. The Masters is just around the corner. Playoffs in the NBA and NHL are close, and college basketball champions are soon to be crowned.

Spring is the best time of the season as far as I can tell.

At least I have yet to bring the garage down to date, and it's been years since I clipped the side of the house with a truck. But that's another story for another time.


While striking your garage twice in a short period of time may seem a bit strange, let along the side of your home, Sims will consider giving personal demonstrations at your residence. Of course that will include using your car and garage.

There are some insurance considerations to review, so no promises can be made. Gregg can be reached at