The Washington Times-Herald

March 31, 2012

Giving back and helping others

Washington Times-Herald

WASHINGTON — It is great to live in a community of achievement.

This week, the Daviess County United Way announced it had met the goal of $180,000 for this past campaign year. Campaign Chair Alex Knepp was thankful to the community for its generosity and community-mindedness. The achievement was announced several days before the official end of the campaign on Saturday. According to Executive Director Brenda Sobecki, the key was the increase of individual donors that the campaign had not experienced in the past.

In economic times like we have now, the needs of a community increase. For the 20 local service agencies, the number of people who turn to them for assistance continues to swell. It is amazing that the members of the community can respond to this increase in need through their giving to United Way. Through a single donation, the dollars raised through United Way can help to meet many needs in many different areas. But the impressive part is that with a tough economy, the response was great and the goal was made.

An accomplishment like this is not easy. There were hundreds of volunteers who gave hundreds of hours of time to help achieve this goal. The staff of the agencies and of the United Way itself should be commended for their hard work and dedication. And most of all, the community members who responded with donations and pledges are the ones to whom we need to say thanks. Obviously, they understand the needs and issues of the community and have shown their love and support by helping the cause to meet the goal.

So congratulations to the United Way and the 20 agencies that will benefit from the generosity of the donors, and hats off to the community and donors. Everyone came together to meet the challenge.