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September 28, 2013

A NASCAR trip with more right turns than left ones

So it begins the tale the beloved boyfriend would rather go the rest of his existence without hearing. Our trip to Bristol for the NASCAR race will be embedded in our minds forever.

When I arrived at the home of the beloved boyfriend late Thursday evening, I didn’t see a rental car. Instead I saw a car borrowed from his sister. When questioned, he quickly said,”Well I thought if I borrowed Kara’s car, it gets great fuel mileage, we’d have extra spending money.”

OK, I can go with that.

We left early Friday morning and the trip was off to a great start. Very little traffic, he actually let me stop at the Cumberland Gap National Gap and he got to stand in three states at once. He was happy, I was happy. After leaving Cumberland Gap, I decided it may be best for the both of us if I took a little nap .

I snoozed for about 30 minutes before I was abruptly awaken by the car frantically jerking back and forth while creeping along at 35 miles per hour. Immediately I asked my beloved what seemed to be the problem. Naturally, he wasn’t sure and decided to pull off the highway and onto a hilly two-lane road. He found a driveway to turn around but when he tried to put the car into reverse it wouldn’t move.

Looking around the surroundings, I left like I was trapped somewhere on the set of “Deliverance”. Not realizing the severity of the problem, the beloved one decided to wait, nearly an hour mind you, before he decided it was necessary to call for a tow truck. Luckily, since there was no cell phone service, a nice man (with all his teeth and not holding a Mason jar filled with moonshine) stopped and asked if we needed help. When I asked the man where we were, his reply was,” This here’s Daniel Boone, Va., ma’am. You sure don’t look real happy with him.”

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