The Washington Times-Herald

June 8, 2012

Thanks to area athletes for good year

Washington Times-Herald

WASHINGTON — On Thursday the final IHSAA event of 2011-2012 school year ended in our area.

The Times Herald wants to publicly thank the schools, coaches, parents and participants for making this another banner year for athletics in our area.

We understand that high school and youth sports are part of the very fabric of our communities in Daviess and Martin County. There is much community pride in at every event and activity, however, high school sports in particular seems to a rallying point for so many.

As schools are faced with budget shortfalls and the constant pressure to cut programs, services and activities, we are thankful for the commitment to athletics.

The skills young people learn are invaluable to success in later life. The amount of time and effort it takes, not only for the coaches and athletes, but for the families, is staggering.

However, teamwork, commitment and desire are attributes that are only developed through constant practice and reinforcement.

We have been lucky to have multiple state championships, runners ups and individual accomplishments in our area. And although the victories are what garner the headlines, there is an enormous amount of pride on every team where young people are forced to leave their comfort zone for several months at a time, give up their free time and work for a goal that most likely will go unaccomplished. In spite of that, they continue to try — year in and year out.

One of the epidemics currently gripping our nation is child obesity. However, there is no better way to combat it than through sports. Practices often serve as the first and best training ground for developing life-long fitness habits.

They say you only get out of something what you put into it, but beyond wins and losses, what they will be getting out of high school sports goes far beyond the sideline and dugout— and far beyond graduation.

We again say that everyone involved, from coaches to kids, ticket-takers to trainers, and the parents and teachers who give up the blood, sweat and tears that keep this great tradition flourishing for another year.