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May 4, 2013

A confession directly from Genoa City, Wis.



Of course, we couldn’t watch the show most of our school years - at least not until the invention of the VCR. However, we could catch up on all the action over summer break.

Although Mother always had us busy outside with the yard, gardens and farm animals, we were allowed to go inside for lunch break just as the show began Ð which back then was 11 a.m., and it only last for 30 minutes. I probably did a celebration dance when CBS changed it to one-hour episodes in 1980.

I can still watch a one-hour episode in about 30 minutes, thanks to DVR and the ability to quickly skip through commercials. My husband says I could bypass a year’s worth of shows and not miss a storyline, but I’ve been brave enough to see if that’s true.

If it makes you feel any better about my ability to work fulltime in a demanding job, keep a household organized, chauffeur girls to piano and athletics, feed my family and keep clean clothes in our closets, and still nurse an addiction, please understand the value of newest technology on any TV in the house.

I can cook dinner, clean the floors, wash dishes, fold clothes and answers e-mails on computer, all while enjoying a little of Lauren’s current passionate extra-marital escapades with Carmine, or the warped affairs of Nick, Avery, Sharon, Adam, Chelsea, Dylan and all the rest of the clan in Genoa City who make the show - yes, very much addicting.


Melody is about to embark on a landscaping project which means all her spare time will be spent outdoors for the next several weeks. Thankfully, with lots of digital storage via satellite, she won’t miss an episode of her favorite show.


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