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April 13, 2013

All she needs is GPS, notebook

WASHINGTON — Lately some residents may have seen an out-of-county car driving aimlessly around town in search of some destination that even the youngest kiddo could find in a matter of seconds. That car would be mine, and the driver, who on occasion has nearly turned the wrong way down one way streets would be me, Lindsay Owens. Fear not though. I have GPS and a collection of maps Columbus would have envied.

So maybe you haven’t seen the car but you’ve noticed a new byline in the paper. I am the new “Andrea.” That phrase automatically makes me think about one of my favorite movies, “The Devil Wears Prada,” except my boss isn¹t like Miranda Priestly, and I don’t work at a fashion magazine, or have a fancy desk or work in New York. Ok, so maybe that wasn’t the best example but I did replace an “Andrea” and I’m very happy to be part of Times Herald staff nonetheless.

For the record, I would much rather be interviewing members of our community than writing about myself. In fact, it’s probably taken me twice as long to write this column as it has to write all the stories I've covered in the last week. Unfortunately though, this is supposed to be about me so here goes.

I grew up just outside of Oaktown, on the Knox and Sullivan County line in “watermelon country.” I graduated from Vincennes Lincoln High School in 2004 and attended Vincennes University for two years before earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Indiana University. I’ve spent most of the last five years working at a high school with at-risk youth, earning a teaching licensure and helping with the greenhouse and farm my family owns and operates in Oaktown.

Through it all, writing has always been my passion. I knew in sixth grade I wanted to be a journalist and while it’s taken five years for that to become a reality, I’m excited about future. I’m even more excited to be meeting people and sharing their stories with the rest of the Daviess County community. 


Lindsay has two house cats, Webster C. Honeycut and Oliver Wendell Holmes and one house dog, Brezel.

She is a huge NASCAR fan and has an extensive collection of high heels.

She can be reached in the newsroom at 254-0480 ext. 123 or


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