The Washington Times-Herald

November 27, 2013

What are our priorities?

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — What are ourpriorities?


I was very impressed with the Washington utilities performance to cope with the damage left by the recent storm which paralyzed the Washington area. Their efforts to regain power was admired by everyone.

I was also impressed with the city and state police that set up traffic controls throughout the damaged area as well as anyone that could provide flashing lights, which included wreckers and ambulances, plus all the volunteers to control traffic.

I admit, I should not have been on the street as I contributed to the problem of traffic, and only wish I would be healthy enough to help the many volunteers.

What I did notice was the absence of the Daviess County Sheriff Dept. all the way from Etienne’s Market to the downtown areas of damage. So I drove by the jail to find five sheriff cars in the parking lot, as well as other vehicles, which I understand are extra cars, in another lot.

In defense of the Sheriff’s Dept., I was told they were busy taking prisoners to Knox Count jail since they lost power due to the generator not working. Nearly every person in the Washington area did not have power, but we all put up with the inconvenience.

I would have thought testing generators on a regular basis would have been done. Furthermore, I would think we have enough personnel to take certain prisoners to the damaged areas to help clean up.

Max Linneweber