The Washington Times-Herald

January 18, 2014

Are you making good on your New Year's resolutions?

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — It’s that time of the year...the time for resolutions. Are you going to lose weight? Get healthier by getting in better shape? Quit smoking? Be better organized? Or perhaps all of the above.

After years and years of making resolutions and breaking the promises I made to myself, I have decided to discontinue the practice which can make you feel like a loser with that first bite of a doughnut before late January. But being healthy is important. Although I am feeling more and more my age every day, my health is in relatively good shape.

So what is really important? Shouldn’t we resolve to do something better? Is being organized essential? Probably to some, my cluttered drawers and desk would be a daily pitfall. But I seem to know where everything is, and the neat, clean and uncluttered look will never be practical for me….at least not at work.

I’ve never smoked, but my addiction to sugar and flour may be just as harmful. And running a mile doesn’t come nearly as easy as it once did. So, no doubt, I’ve got some work to do in all of those areas.

However, I believe the best resolution we can make involves relationships. Interactions with those in our daily lives are of the utmost important. Are you estranged from someone in your family? Does an old friend with whom you had a disagreement deserve a phone call or card? Do you show kindness to those around you, and are you tolerable of your coworkers, classmates or teammates?

As each year passes, the more value I place on what I call the “Three Most Important F’s” --- Faith, Family and Friends. These are the relationships that really count.

With January now halfway under our belt, the year is beginning to slip away. My hope for you is that you can tackle your own resolutions and plans for the future with enthusiasm. And, take a moment to consider if you, too, should work on improving a relationship.

Melody mostly struggles to demonstrate kindness when her young daughters fuss with each other. Being a parent is the toughest job she’ll always love.