The Washington Times-Herald

January 9, 2014

Building Permits

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — The following building permits were issued in December by Washington Building Commissioner Terry Wininger:

Darla Gray, 605 Dewey Ave., re-roofing permit;

Lori and Matt Koerner, 2104 Bedford Road, detached garage;

Chris Crow, 602 W. Nat’l Hwy., attached garage;

Robert McCracken, 304 S.W. First St., re-roofing permit;

Tony Graber, 222 E. Main St., re-roofing permit;

Jack Watson, 501 Sycamore St., house demolition permit;

Jack Watson, 500 W. Nat’l Hwy., storage shed;

Harner Trucking, 2667 Cosby Road, re-roofing permit;

Scott Bennett, 1745S 75E, re-roofing permit;

Dan Gress, 505 W. Van Trees St., house demolition permit;

Chris Huey, 402 W. Hefron St., house demolition;

Jackie Wininger, 10 Daviess Drive, re-roofing permit;

Don Gress Construction, 309 W. Sycamore St., house demolition;

Clayton Scott, 403 S.W. Second St., re-roofing permit;

Jamie Hoffman, 1402 W. Van Trees St., storage shed demolition;

Roger Watson, 501 Sycamore St., house demolition;

Rex Bunch, 1110S SR 57, re-roofing permit.