The Washington Times-Herald

September 25, 2013

New auto-locking carts come to DCH

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — Daviess Community Hospital recently purchased four new wireless auto-locking carts with the ability to control who has access to the carts and when. Dr. Daniel McCarthy, MD, is very pleased with the new carts.

“We each have our own cart which is customized with special colors so that the staff all know which cart belongs to each anesthesiologist,” says McCarthy.

Dr. McCarthy is impressed with the technology associated with the new carts. “The staff has the ability to view reports to see a history of when and who the cart was accessed by. This creates better accountability and security of important types of medications such as controlled substances as well as equipment.” These security measures assure that medications and specialized equipment are only used by the appropriate personnel and that items are not missing at a time when they are needed most.

Because the data of the cart can be monitored wirelessly from a central location, personnel save time by not having to access the data from each cart separately. By having these carts located closer to each patient’s bedside, the anesthesiologists are able to treat patients quickly and more efficiently.

According to Shirley Yoder RN, director surgical services, “With the old carts the providers had a key which unlocked the entire cart, including drugs. Tracking access to the carts was not available. The new carts have keypad access that is user specific which will provide closer surveillance of drugs and supplies.”