The Washington Times-Herald

November 13, 2013

Building permits

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — The following building permits were issued in October by Washington Building Commissioner Terry Wininger:

Elmo Ramsey, 805 N. 21st St., type III manufactured home;

Grant Swartzentruber, 314 N.E. Third St., house demolition;

Ramsey Development (Trilogy), 1694 Troy Road, assisted living villages 2 and 3;

Delphi Signs Dollar Store, 405 E. Nat’l Hwy., sign permit;

Brian Brown, 2416 Shannon St., re-roofing permit;

Robin Knepp, 961 Troy Road, re-roofing permit;

Rodney Morgan, 1757 Bedford Road, re-roofing permit;

Dr. Kimberly Parsons, 2 E. Walnut St., sign permit;

Casey’s General Stores, 2009 E. Nat’l Hwy., retail store, canopy and storage building;

Alan Kirsch, 915 N.E. Fifth St., re-roofing permit;

Terry Evans, 104 W. Main St., re-roofing permit;

Steve Lundy, 1707 Grand Ave., storage shed;

Bruce Beesley, 1209 Vista Lane, re-roofing permit;

Gary Overton, 1102 Wykoff Lane, house addition;

Roberto Estrada, 505 E. Walnut St., re-roofing permit;

Arlean Winkler, 2412 Troy Road, re-roofing permit;

Mark Theroff, 19 Green Acres, re-roofing permit;

Coy Taber, 2403 Glenwood Drive, re-roofing permit;

Steve Armes, 601 N. Piankeshaw Trail, re-roofing permit;

Tom Underwood, 869N 300W, re-roofing permit;

James Dolkey, 1071N 150W, privacy fence permit;

Max G. Ramsey, 1007 Biddinger Lane, detached garage addition;

Patricia A. Chattin, 516 S.E. Fourth St., detached garage;

Reid’s Deli, 808 W. Nat’l Hwy., attached storage addition and roofing permit;

Chet Thompson, 5 Pleasant Ridge Drive, re-roofing permit;

Custom Agri Builders, 1695 Troy Road, sign permit;

Scott Mattingly, 1207 Vista Lane, detached garage.