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April 23, 2014

Tri-Kappa Brush-In hits schools

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The Washington Times-Herald

---- — The annual Tri Kappa Brush-In was held this month at all local Washington and Daviess county elementary schools. Tri Kappa member and committee chairman Julie Walker said, “We were excited to add Barr-Reeve, North Daviess, and four local Amish schools to our annual community service project. Dr. Lana Helms approached Tri Kappa with the idea of expanding the brush-in to educate more children in our community. We could not be more pleased with the success of the project this year, and look forward to visiting all the schools of Daviess County for years to come.”

The brush-in consists of dentists and hygienists instructing proper brushing and flossing techniques to all third and fourth grade students. This does not take the place of a regular dental office cleaning, but is an excellent way to bring dental education into the classroom. Tri Kappa has continued this tradition of educating the children of Washington for over 35 years with the help of over 50 volunteers. This includes dentists, hygienists, Twin Rivers Medical Careers students, and Tri Kappa volunteers. The students are given a toothbrush and toothpaste donated by Tri Kappa. After brushing the students are able to rinse with an at home strength fluoride treatment.

The 2014 Brush-In instructors included Michael S. Walker, Dr. James Simpson, Dr. Lana Helms, and Dr. Darrel Deem. The hygienists include Jan Simpson, and Trish Puckett.