The Washington Times-Herald

May 3, 2014

Building Permits

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — The following building permits were issued in April by Washington Building Commissioner Terry Wininger:

Betty Shofner, 2405 Wayside Drive, demolition permit;

Jon D. and Melissa Williams, 2 Plaza Drive, re-roofing permit;

Tim Bennington, 1903 Parkdale Drive, covered porch;

Douglas Page, 607 W. Walnut St., house demolition permit;

Randy Beardsley, 1200 E. Van Trees St., fence screen permit;

Adrian O’Connor, 406 S.W. Second St., addition to building;

Ma Rosario Lopez Sandoval, 1408 State St., re-roofing permit;

Phillip Watkins, 3 Harned Ave., wood fence permit;

Gary Hart, 405 S. Meridian St., privacy fence;

Chris Cockerham, 311 S.E. Seventh St., utility shed and wood fence permit;

Paula Wilson, 306 S.E. Second St., re-roofing permit;

Mark Strange, 1000 W. Old US Hwy. 50, re-roofing permit;

Mark Graber, 1382 S. SR 257, detached storage building;

Marsha Fowler, 314 Knollwood Drive, chain link fence;

Randy Allen, 110 Sycamore St., chain link fence;

Richard Nguyen, 107 Cherry Tree Plaza, sign permit;

Steve Mize, 2170N 75E, detached garage;

Casey’s General Store, 2009 E. Nat’l Hwy., sign permit and fence permit;

Brian Peek, 106 W. Walnut St., attached garage;

Phyllis K. Sharum, 508 Dewey Ave., detached carport;

Brenda Valencia, 406 N.E. 19th St., re-roofing permit;

Jamie Evans, 707 S.W. Third st., re-roofing permit;

Bob Underwood, S.W. Second and South streets, building demolition;

Jan Schuler, 107 Green Acres, re-roofing permit;

Ronnie Street, 1800 Memorial Ave., re-roofing permit;

Tonina Evans, 815 S.W. Third St., re-roofing permit;

Kim Kiltz, 10 Pine Court, privacy fence;

Florencio Beccerra, 501 W. Walnut St., covered porch;

Alan Chestnut, 512 Ogdon St., demolition permit;

Jodey Neukam, 1120 S. SR 57, re-roofing permit;

Alan Kirsch, 915 N.E. Fifth St., garage demolition and attached garage;

Mark Strange, 509 S.E. First St., re-roofing permit;

Stacy Padgett, 106 Harned Ave., re-roofing permit;

Midge Cox, 204 Bent Ave., garage demolition;

Mabel and Jose Melgar, 300 S.W. Third St., new residence;

Larry Carpenter, 1108 Bedford Road, house addition;

George Sweet, 210 N.E. 10th St., re-roofing permit;

Joanna Jones, 503 E. Walnut St., utility shed;

Emily Wichman, 1917 Ridge Drive, re-roofing permit;

Dustin Nathan, 510 W. Nat’l Hwy., re-roofing permit and detached garage;

Jose Pascual Francisco, 903 W. South St., addition to residence;

Cynthia Colvin Rex Gress and Sons, 308 S.E. Second St., house demolition;

Hayden Matteson, 1534W 150N, garage demolition.