The Washington Times-Herald

August 29, 2013

Right To Life Banquet set for Oct. 3

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — The local county Right To Life group has announced that Dr. Grant Clark will be the main speaker for the Right To Life Banquet which will be held on Oct. 3 at the Simon J. Graber Building off the Odon-Cannelburg Road. The banquet will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Dr. Clark, a former abortionist and now pro-life advocate, admits that he was influenced by Planned Parenthood’s propaganda, which presented abortion as a real boon for women because it would be “better than back-alley abortions”. According to Planned Parenthood, “It was safer for women and if there were no unwanted children, there would be no child abuse.”

According to Dr. Clark “I never maintained the doctor/patient relationship, women avoided me. Women didn’t like it, abortion brought them no joy.” And just as one wouldn’t trust a practitioner of euthanasia as a geriatric doctor, a patient wouldn’t trust a family doctor who was also an abortionist to care for their children, he pointed out. Over time, Dr. Clark also saw the contradiction between being his lifesaving mission as a doctor and taking lives as an abortionist. The inconsistencies grew clearer to him as he grew in his faith when he began reading the Bible in earnest.

Dr. Clark stopped committing abortions and responded to an advertisement for a position as a family doctor in the small town of Benton in a quiet corner of rural Pennsylvania. He had planned to stay in the area for only a year, but ended up staying for more than two decades and also helped pioneer a new Christian faith community there. After retiring from private practice, he has worked in the prison medical system a number of years.

In the years after he stopped performing abortions, Dr. Clark achieved his original career goal, working as a doctor for foreign missions. “I learned to be flexible and teach my fellow team members to be flexible too. One cannot cure everything but one can always do some good. One can always pray for God to do what I cannot.”

The Right To Life Banquet has drawn over 600 people in the last several years and continues to be one of the largest pro-life events in the Southwest Indiana area. The cost of the tickets is $15 for adults and college students, $10 for students/children and age 4 and under free. For additional information call 257-0222 or 486-3658 or contact one of the table hosts.