The Washington Times-Herald

September 12, 2013

Perkins home honored by Arts and Flower Garden Club

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — For the last three years the members of the Arts and Flowers Garden Club have watched the activity at 305 S.E. 15th St. That is how long Shirley and Vaughn Perkins have owned their home and began a labor of love.

The front of the house is banked by an array of perennials including liriope, day lilies, azaleas and knock out roses. They planted golden mop cypress, green velvet boxwood, holly and cedar shrubs for year around appeal. An eye catching splash of color is provided by deep pink petunias. The scalloped border culminates in a circular raised bed which features a weeping cherry tree surrounded by pink impatiens. Bradford pear, bloodgood Japanese maple, burning bush and small maples add balance to a beautiful yard.

One very different and interesting perennial in the landscape is an ascot rainbow variegated spurge euphorbia. This plant has distinct variegated flowers and foliage, attractive narrow leaves are bluish-green in color with distinctive yellow edges. The foliage turns crimson in the fall. It features beautiful clusters of red flowers with chartreuse bracts held atop the stems in early spring.

The south side of the house is graced by five foot wire cages that support healthy tomato plants which have provided the family with eating pleasure this season.

The back porch was closed in with glass which they replaced with screens, creating an outdoor living space. The porch is the link which allows the family to savor the comfort of home (no bugs, no rain) and the great outdoors (smell the roses, chirping birds) simultaneously.

Ferns, bird feeders and bird baths all support the feeling of serenity. The south side of the porch opens up to a spacious deck, a perfect place for family fun in the sun complete with grill, picnic table, chairs and bright colored umbrella.

A mini barn painted with accents that match the house doors and shutters provides ample storage for gardening needs. Most days when you drive by you may see the Perkinses in the yard doing the work they love.