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November 20, 2013

DCH Clinic to receive special recognition at ceremony on Thursday

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — A small rural health clinic in Daviess County will receive special recognition at a ceremony on Nov. 21 at Daviess Community Hospital for helping more tobacco users quit with the Indiana Tobacco Quitline than any other hospital or clinic in Indiana.

Daviess Community Hospital Medical Clinic is the first healthcare facility in southern Indiana to use its Electronic Medical Records software to refer patients to the Indiana Tobacco Quitline. Within the first three months after launching the e-referral system, they ranked first in the state for proportion of tobacco users referred to the Quitline.

“Thursday is the Great American Smokeout — the day the American Cancer Society encourages all tobacco users to make a plan and set a date to quit. I am thrilled to announce that on this day Daviess Community Hospital Medical Clinic will be recognized as the number one healthcare facility in Indiana for helping patients quit tobacco through the Indiana Tobacco Quitline,” said Sally Petty, Daviess County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program Coordinator and Daviess County Relay for Life Advocacy Chair. “For those who are ready to quit tobacco, DCH Medical Clinic is the very best place to get help making that plan and setting that quit date.”

Immediately after Daviess Community Hospital Medical Clinic launched their e-referral system, the numbers of Daviess County residents using the Quitline skyrocketed. The proportion of tobacco users receiving Quitline services in Daviess County (.76 percent) during that quarter was more than three times the statewide average (.24 percent). Daviess County had 62 Quitline users between July and October 2013, compared to a total of 49 people from Daviess County using the Quitline in all of 2012.

“Because of Daviess Community Hospital Medical Clinic’s e-referral system, we had more people quitting tobacco in the last four months with the Quitline as we did all of last year,” said Petty.

Daviess Community Hospital Medical Clinic also has a high rate of success helping patients follow through and complete the Quitline program because their providers are taking the time to talk with their patients.

, give them solid, personalized advice, and provide any additional medications or counseling patients need to quit successfully.

“This partnership of Quitline and healthcare provider is the most successful way for tobacco users to quit and stay quit,” said Petty.

“Daviess Community Hospital is proud to lead the way in Indiana for treating tobacco dependence, and we are pleased to partner with the Daviess County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition to offer the best cessation services available,” said David Bixler, CEO, Daviess Community Hospital. “By assisting more patients with tobacco cessation and providing state-of-the art lung cancer screenings, we hope to reduce the devastating consequences of tobacco in Daviess County.”

The Indiana Tobacco Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) is a free phone-based cessation service funded through the Indiana State Department of Health — Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission. The Quitline provides free cessation coaching to tobacco users age 13 and up. The program can be completed over the phone or online. Additional free Quitline services include Text 2 Quit, a 10-call protocol for pregnant women, and nicotine replacement therapy for uninsured, Medicare, and Medicaid patients.

DCH Medical Clinic is a member of the Quitline’s Preferred Provider Network, which gives healthcare providers access to free materials and technical support, and allows them to proactively refer patients to the Quitline program.

The mission of the Daviess County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition is to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure among disparately affected populations and youth through a systems approach. By reducing smoking during pregnancy and smoking rates among Medicaid patients, the coalition works with partners throughout the state to reduce infant mortality rates and healthcare costs in Indiana.

The public is invited on Thursday, at noon in the Daviess Community Hospital Education Center for a short program featuring speakers and the DCH Medical Clinic providers.