The Washington Times-Herald

December 12, 2013

Clark family holds reunion

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — The descendants of Owen and Malinda Clark met for their 67th family gathering on Thanksgiving Day at the Blue Jean Center in Monroe City.

Those in attendance were Don and Vera Clark, Denise, Shannon, Alyson and Audrey Rogers, Bill Fischer, Donna, Tim and Dylan Hedrick, Lyndsey Carrico, Emily and Tristan Burton, Doug, Melissa, Austin and Luke Owen Clark, Jason, Tammie, Jacob and Taylor Clark, James W., Sandy, James and Tiffany Clark, James O., and Shirley Clark, Rev. Tony and Cynthia Frankum, Myleah Frankum, Jamie and Jenny Clark, Braedon, Pace and Jae Clark, Ivan, Judy and Lyn Clark, Kim and Greer Opel, Tim and Brenda Clark, Jerry Lashley, David and Lesa Wetherald, Jonathon and Timothy Wetherald, Mike Theroff, Terry and Sharon Theroff, Lois Theroff, Rudy and Kathy Tilley, Jennifer, Tyler and Shalyn Hill, Tim and Tia Webb, Jeff, Lorie and Jocelynn Theroff, Jeff and Janell Sumner, Eric, Ashley, Evan and Adam Sumner, Rachelle Dennison.

Families represented were from Evansville, Jasper, Indianapolis, Roann, Washington and Petersburg.