The Washington Times-Herald

August 7, 2012

California-inspired corn and potato salad

By Joyce Bullington
Washington Times-Herald

WASHINGTON — I recently returned from a pilgrimage to California to visit my family. The weather was perfect. It was not nearly as hot there as it was when I left here.

My oldest daughter, Vi, had scored tickets to an Alcatraz tour. It was a perfect San Francisco day and the water was calm so the ferry ride out to the island was pleasurable. We could see both the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge, as well as the San Francisco skyline. So often it is foggy and most of the views are shrouded in mist.

I had visited Alcatraz many years ago when my children were younger. Although the grandchildren were more impressed by the island’s birds and their hatchlings, they did enjoy the tour of the prison as much as a 10-year-old and an 8-year-old can. More areas are open to the public now than before, so Grandma saw and learned new things.

When we returned from that trip, my daughter tried a new recipe on us that she had seen in People magazine, along with steamed squash from her garden. We ate the corn salad warm that evening. The next day we ate the leftovers chilled. We preferred it warm.

The recipe said it made four servings, but they must have had really big servings in mind. Actually, I think one could make a meal out of it with a couple of slices of French bread.

Not to be outdone by her big sister, my other daughter, Jaime, made a yummy nectarine cobbler to take to her brother’s house one evening for dinner. She has several fruit trees in her yard and the nectarines were sweet and juicy. She followed a recipe for peach cobbler and did an outstanding job.

My son, Eric, barbecued steak and chicken, and my daughter-in-law made a delicious pasta salad, among other things. We were all pretty stuffed but managed to make a good dent in the warm nectarine cobbler.

Guess you can tell I ate well while I was there. Why does food always taste better when someone else makes it?

I’m including the corn salad recipe. My daughter used red potatoes and fresh corn. She also substituted red wine vinegar because that was all she had.


Joyce is the newsroom clerk at the Times Herald and will be celebrating 10 years at the paper this month.