The Washington Times-Herald

February 14, 2014

Outdoor Insights

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — It is cold. If you’re an ice fisherman this is the beginning of a great time. The ice fishing is going well and is something that a lot of people enjoy. It relieves cabin fever as well as provides the best tasting fish all year.

I talked to Nancy at Jefferson’s Sportsman’s Mall and she said bait sales are going well for ice fishing. She did, however, want me to give a caution to be careful. It seems this year because of the up and down weather and the wind, there is a big difference in ice thickness. It varies from almost nothing to about 12 inches in some places. So a couple of things as a reminder, never ice fish alone, always tie off to something substantial on the shore, take an extra change of clothes.

If you have noticed, some ice huts have gone up, so most places have plenty of ice. If you do get wet and it’s freezing you don’t have a lot of time before you lose your body temperature in wet clothes, and if in doubt don’t go. As much fun as ice fishing is, it is never worth a careless risk. As far as tackle, always use the lightest line possible, small hooks or ice fishing jigs. Fish close to the bottom in the deepest areas first. And use live bait, it seems to always shine in cold water.

Nancy would be glad to help with information on what to use, her number is 254-9350. The Conservation Club’s gun show and the Outdoor World Sports Show is going to be the first weekend in March, so you may want to mark your calendar. Dress warm, be careful and have a blessed day.