The Washington Times-Herald

December 26, 2013

Reading can be magical

By Lindsay Owens Times Herald
The Washington Times-Herald

---- — Students at Lena Dunn Elementary were treated to a Reading Magic Show with Steve Vaught last Friday. To earn the magic show, students at the school had to honor the Lena Dunn Panther Pledge to be safe, respectful and responsible.

“When staff and teachers observe a student following the pledge, the student can earn a ticket to place in the incentive/reward box,” said Lena Dunn Principal Brenda Butcher. “Students can earn individual, class and school-wide rewards.”

Lena Dunn Elementary just finished its first semester of a new action plan that is part of its Positive Behavior Interventions and Support System.

The Reading Magician was a school-wide reward for its students. “The students collected 2,000 tickets this grading period,” said Gretchen Miles, who teachers fifth grade at Lena Dunn. “His programs talk about the importance of reading while he does magic tricks.”

Vaught’s program, “Flying High with Reading” is educationally based and is designed to help spark an interest in reading for both fun and knowledge.

In addition to magic, Vaught also includes storytelling and music in the presentation.