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January 3, 2014

Ice and snow making for some dangerous driving

By Mike Grant Times Herald
The Washington Times-Herald

---- — A light rain, followed by a quick drop in the temperature and a coating of snow turned roadways treacherous in Daviess County.

“We had crashes all over the place,” said Daviess County Chief Deputy Gary Allison. “There were a lot of problems along the 50 Bypass and on SR 57 South.”

The sheriff’s department received calls of 16 accidents between 8 a.m. Thursday and noon.

“They were almost all slide-offs,” said Allison. “A couple of them wound up hitting some guard rails and doing some damage. I didn’t hear about any serious injuries as a result of the accidents.”

One problem spot was apparently near the Knox-Daviess County line on the 50 Bypass.

“We had three or four accidents right there near the river bridges,” said Allison. “People were just going and not slowing down for the conditions. The sheriff almost got hit by a vehicle that didn’t slow down and began to slide where he was working an accident out there.”

The road conditions appeared to catch motorists by surprise. “When I got up around 7 (Thursday morning) it was raining and the temperature was 35 degrees,” said County Commissioner Tony Wichman.

“By 9 a.m. it had dropped below freezing and the roads began to turn to ice.”

The falling temperatures throughout the day continued to make for treacherous conditions on lesser traveled and untreated roadways. “We have our trucks out,” said Wichman, “but there are a lot of roads to cover, and the lower those temperatures fall the less effective the salt is in getting them cleared.”

“People really need to pay attention to the conditions,” added Allison. “If the road looks snowy and slick then slow down. They have to adjust their speed to the conditions they are driving on.”

The slippery road conditions have made for a busy time for police in Daviess County.

Since the first of the year they have worked 23 accidents and they anticipate with a bad looking forecast that more are on the way.

“We are expecting more snow to come in late Saturday and Sunday,” said Allison. “The temperatures are going to plummet and we could see dangerously low temperatures and wind chills early next week.”

“People really need to keep an eye on the forecast,” said Wichman. “We’re going to be looking at some really difficult weather over the next seven days with high winds, low wind chills and snow.”


"People really need to keep an eye on the forecast. We're going to be looking at some really difficult weather over the next seven days with high winds, low wind chills and snow." tONY wICHMAN County Commissioner