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January 11, 2014

Outdoor Insights

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — The Story of a Kitty Cat

Twas the 11th night before Christmas

When in front of my house

A big cat was stirring

Much bigger than a mouse…

Well so much for poetry… that is not my forte. But the reality is that there was a pretty big cat just next to our house. And, as we all know, for Jerry Stoll, the only thing that would top a good wildlife story is a good fish story. Let’s go to the story…

My two boys along two of their friends were in the car headed toward our home on CR E 200S. It was the night of Dec. 13th,which if you remember was just on the heels of a large snow from the prior weekend. This was also the night of the K&K Christmas Supper, where I happened to have seen Jerry Stoll. The boys were headed toward our house just after 11 p.m. Snow on the ground, front porch lights, flower bed light and a yard light all blazing. Indeed, a pretty sight when there is beautiful white snow on the ground. Yet, this night there was something different. As they were coming up the road, they saw what they first thought was a sizable dog (a full grown German Shepherd, they thought.) They commented about this fellow’s size as being big. And from that viewpoint it did look black, though in reality whether it was actually black or brown, it would have looked dark due to the fact that the lighting was behind the animal, so they would have been seeing the darkened side of it.

As they slowed, near our driveway, this fellow took off running across the field to the west and in that moment these four fellows knew they had indeed seen their first ever in the wild, a long tailed big cat.

I came home a few minutes later to find some excited fellows. We went out looking at the prints, of which you see pictures. These paw prints were taken less than 10 feet from my garage and were no less than 4-inches across. We could have tracked him a long way but in reality, I didn’t think I wanted to see him up really close.

You can say there is no such thing as big cats but as for me & my boys, we believe!