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March 29, 2014

Monday Afternoon Club holds March meeting

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — Monday Afternoon Club met March 10 at the library. Members approved a slate of proposed officers for the 2014-2015 year consisting of Gayle Ostby, president; De Odell, vice president; Linda Cornelius, corresponding secretary; Kimberly Wagner, recording secretary; and Martha Corn, treasurer.

Kitty Lawson gave the annual membership report. Kimberly Wagner presented a commentary on organic foods. She said their advantages included nutrition to improve health and the immune system. She advised a philosophy of 80 percent/20 percent toward diet, with 80 percent being healthy eating. Organic foods include fresh fruit, vegetables and pastured eggs. Describing eggs as the perfect food, she said pastured eggs, those coming from free range chickens, are higher in nutrition than from brooded chickens. While costing more, the organic eggs are well worth their price.

Gayle Ostby gave a program on Indiana author Phillip Gulley.

The Quaker minister lives in Danville and has contributed articles to the Saturday Evening Post and the Huffington Report.

It was Paul Harvey Jr. who discovered Gulley and forwarded his stories to a publisher. Gulley has since published 31 books.

Chief among these are the Harmony series. These fictional books depict Quaker characters centered on Christian values and simplicity. Instead of a church they have a meeting house and practice love, joy, peace, gentleness and self-control. There are four branches of Quakers in Indiana.

Ostby compared Gulley’s work to the writings of James Herriott with real people and events and a sense of humor. Events cover revivals, evangelists, testimony, quilting circles, and fundraising efforts to provide shoes for Chochtaw children.

Others attending were Sue Colbert, Sue Garrett, Diane Gill, Kathleen Harris, Betty Norris, Pat Thompson, Julie Bassler, Janet Goodwin, SAlly Humbaugh, Laurinda Walker, Mary Lou Gottwald, Jan Smith and Mary Jane Wirts.