The Washington Times-Herald

November 14, 2013

City Council approves expense ordinance

By Lindsay Owens Times Herald
The Washington Times-Herald

---- — Members of the Washington City Council met Tuesday evening in brief and approved an ordinance that will bring the city into compliance with the suggestions that were made by the State Board of Accounts.

The ordinance is in regard to paying expenses related to health insurance and economic development. A resolution transferring funds within the accounts of the engineering department was also approved.

Two residents, Bill Walton and Becky Guthrie also spoke at the meeting concerning the remonstrance waivers that are required in order to hook up rental property utilities that the two own outside the city limits.

The remonstrance allows those individuals who love outside of the city limits to chose to have city utilities and states that if the city decided to annex the area the person lives in later, the owner will not be against the annexation.

If the property were to be sold, the new owners would have also have to sign the remonstrance waiver.

Mayor Joe Wellman told Guthrie and Walton that the Board of Public Works, which voted on the measure, would revisit the remonstrance at a future meeting.

The Board of Public also approved the purchase of a new bucket truck from Altec and discussed with Chief of Police Mike Healy the grant the police department has received to purchase new body armor for the officers.