The Washington Times-Herald

November 14, 2013

Outdoor Insights

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — This year I haven’t heard as many stories or successes from the youth group as far as bagging the big one’s or even hunting as much.

I do hope that that is not the case and they’re out there and I just don’t hear about it.

As I have said before in these articles there is no substitute for the outdoors and the experiences that are gained from them.

Activities we do with our children and grandchildren will definitely have a more positive effect on them than their abilities to play video games, or text, tweet or any of that other stuff we all do.

It also gets us, and them off our behinds and in motion.

A quick story on our one granddaughter, Paige.

Her father Jodey was out sighting in his cross bow shooting at a little ball that was placed across the pond.

He was getting close and Paige said she wanted to try. She drilled it two or three times in just a couple of shots. She can definitely outshoot her father and I.

Have a blessed day, Jerry