The Washington Times-Herald

October 5, 2013

Big Daddy Weave comes to Washington

Christian contemporary group comes to town

BY Lindsay Owens
Times Herald

---- — Washington will be treated to the sounds of Big Daddy Weave, a contemporary Christian group, who has made its way to the top of the Christian AC Charts on more than one occasion Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. in the Washington High School Auditorium. According to a press release the group recently, scored the top spot on the Christian AC chart - the fourth time they’ve done so - with “Love Come To Life,” a song about the desire to have the love that Christ put in our hearts be more than just words. They are also the recipients of a Dove Awards nomination as New Artist of the Year in 2002 and won a 2010 Dove Award for the album Christ Has Come.

Bringing the group to the Washington was the brainchild of Vianna Hastie. “For the last couple of years I have felt that we could get some big names to visit our community,” said Hastie. “I’ve had a lot of naysayers telling me in the past that someone like that (a popular Christian entertainer) would never come to Washington.

Hastie accepted the challenge put in front of her. “I thought if I put it in God’s hands, anything is possible,” she said.

Two years ago, Lisa Harper, a popular author and Women of Faith speaker, came to town. “We had a great turn out and nine women accepted Christ that day. The year after that, while waiting to see who was going to win CBS’s reality show “Survivor”, Lisa Whelchel came to town and we had a sell-out crowd.”

Whelchel later went on to win the $100,000 fan-favorite award that year.

In the past, the events have been open to only women but Hastie said this year she thought it would be a good idea to open the event up to everyone and do an event that was both affordable and enjoyable.

“I had purchased the now award-winning CD by Big Daddy Weave called “Love Come to Life” and I thought,”how crazy would it be to get these guys to come here?”

Hastie said several folks told her the thought of getting an acclaimed group like Big Daddy Weave was crazy but Hastie kept reminding herself that the worst thing that could happen was the group would tell her no.

“We needed up with more than just Big Daddy Weave. The group is on a popular Christian tour right now with artist Chris August Unspoken. I asked for one group and got the entire tour,” Hastie said.

Tickets have been selling rapidly and Hastie predicts that event tickets will be sold out soon and that the Christian tour has attracted fans from not only Indiana but also Illinois and Kentucky.

“It’s going to be an awesome night,” said Hastie. “I’m so appreciative of those who freely gave to us months before the event and to all of our volunteers.”

Tickets, which are $15 to $20, can be purchased online at