The Washington Times-Herald

December 6, 2013

Letter writer: Lane designations would help at intersection

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — Editor:

I live near the intersection of U.S. 50 Bypass and SR 257 and saw the aftermath of the latest fatality last month. With a 2-year-old grandson of my own, my heart goes out to that family. It seems that with the interstate now open and more traffic coming our way from the east, especially some more signage or flashers are needed. Another danger there is the lack of lane designations for left turns onto U.S. 50 from north and south.

Forty years ago when I learned to drive you always passed the oncoming car before turning left unless you had time to turn in front of it. Nowadays in Evansville and other cities you have dashed lines allowing turns in front of oncoming turners.

Here, if both cars pull into the middle of the intersection, traffic proceeding north and south are forced to wait in the middle of U.S. 50 (a bad place to be) or go right of their lane to proceed either direction. Some new lane markings would help clear this up, or so it seems to me.

Jon James