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July 17, 2013

Abatement approved for new manufacturer

Alliance Barrier Films to begin production in October

By Lindsay Owens Times Herald
The Washington Times-Herald

WASHINGTON — Monday evening’s public hearing on the proposed tax abatement for new manufacturer Alliance Barrier Films, a company that makes specialized packaging, received no comments from the public and the resolution granting the abatement was unanimously passed by the Washington City Council.

Alliance hopes to have the machinery installed in August and estimates that production will begin sometime in October. The tax abatement will grant the company, located in the industrial park near Olon Industries, a 10-year abatement on the land and the building, and a five-year abatement on the needed equipment. The percentage of the abatement will go down each year.

“So, for example, on the equipment, the first year is abated 100 percent, the second year 80 percent, third year 60 percent and so on, until the equipment is fully taxed in the sixth year,” said Washington Mayor Joe Wellman.

The company hopes to expand to four production lines and each of those lines will employ between 10 and 15 people.

The same resolution also declared the area an economic revitalization area.

In other news, the city council heard proposed budgets from the various departments operating in the city. Most of the departments cited an increase in the cost of fuel and insurance premiums as the reason for requesting more money in the budget. Other departments requested additional funds for maintenance and to make purchases.

Beth Trousdale, manager of the city’s animal control, said after receiving a $19,000 donation last week, she hoped to make some improvements to the shelter that houses stray cats and dogs, but funds were still needed for other things. “The floor needs repainted,” she said. “It will be much easier to clean once it’s redone.” Trousdale also said the crematorium would need to be inspected next year and she hoped to buy a chest-type freezer. “The one we have now is pretty old. I’m just concerned that it will stop working and we have to have one.”

The city will see an increase of an estimated 21 percent in the cost of provided insurance to its employees. Marilyn McCullough of Thompson Insurance said that the city did shop around for lower rates, but was able to find another insurance provider. McCullough cited bad experiences last year as the reason for the rate increase. She also said that city employees would be given options for different deductibles. “We have thought about a $500 deductible and $1,000 deductible option for the employees. With both of these, the prescription card and co-pay would stay the same.”

The city council will continue to hold workshops to discuss the budgets in the upcoming weeks before presenting a proposal for consideration.


summary Washington will be getting new manufacturer Alliance Barrier Films, which will start production in October. No one from the public objected to tax abatement measures passed by the city council on Monday.