The Washington Times-Herald

July 18, 2013

Summer is the season that wins

The Washington Times-Herald

---- — I have mentioned many times in the articles that I write how thankful that I am to live in and be able to enjoy such a beautiful area.

There is a lot of hype about fall, and the harvest season and I do love that time. However, the freshness of summer shade and the beauty of growing corn and other crops just about wins. There is some corn that is nine-foot tall and doing well.

This is the perfect time to go on a Sunday afternoon drive through the country and enjoy the bountiful beauty of Daviess, Martin, Pike and Knox counties. If you are blessed enough to live here, and you haven’t drove the river bottoms of those areas, it’s time. Please do stay on public roads. It is unacceptable behavior to run through someone’s property.The best views of our area is still from the boat floating floating the two forks of the White River.

The River Road in Shoals and the old Vincennes Road are some of my favorite places, as well as Williams Dam and Hindostan Falls. Knox County has some wonderful produce stands that are more than just produce. When you’re going through, check these out.

Keep your eyes open for wildlife. I have heard two more big cat stories this week. Both of the sightings were in Daviess County.