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July 20, 2013

Boy continues to receive donations for elementary school

Alford raises over $500 for Lena Dunn

By Nate Smith Times Herald
The Washington Times-Herald

---- — Trevin Alford had a good birthday party last Saturday. He got exactly what he wanted.


Instead, those who came to his birthday party gave him donations to take for his school, Lena Dunn Elementary school.

And, donations continue to come for Alford to give to his school.

So far, the 7-year-old soon-to-be second grader has raised $525.

“We’re getting more each day in the mail,” Carrie Alford, Trevin’s mother, said.

Carrie said her son can’t believe the generosity from the public since the story in last Saturday’s Times Herald. She said a card has been at the family home every day this week.

“He can’t believe these complete strangers are sending him donations,” Carrie said.

Most of the donations have been small, but one donor sent $100 in a card. Some donations did not even come in the mail.

One donor spotted David, Trevin’s father, while he was on lunch.

“(The donor) came up to (David) while he was at lunch, told him he read the article in the paper and gave him a donation,” Carrie said.

The idea for the donation drive came from an idea Trevin had that he had enough toys and wanted to “make his mark,” and help his school. He asked all the people the family invited to his birthday party not to bring any gift, but rather make a donation to Lena Dunn.

Carrie said although almost every invitee called to make sure, they all complied to Trevin’s wishes and did not bring him a gift to his party last Saturday. Some thought of creative ways to give their donation to Trevin.

“One put a donation in balloons that Trevin had to pop,” Carrie said.

Trevin has been one of many who has collected resources for the West End school, who has a reported student poverty rate of 98 percent. Churches and community organizations have collected school supplies for the school and last year, the school’s library was renovated thanks to a donation effort from former student Tom Emmons.

Another drive is scheduled for this weekend at Eastside Park during the West End Reunion today.

Those attending the reunion are asked to bring supplies for the school.

At some point, Trevin will collect all the funds he has collected and will turn them over to Lena Dunn, but the donations keep coming in. Those wishing to donate may send a card in care of Trevin Alford, 1754W 50N, Washington, IN 47501.

If one would like to donate to Trevin's school, donations may be sent in care of Trevin Alford, 1754W 50N, Washington, IN 47501.