The Washington Times-Herald

April 6, 2013

Gibco not closing local shop

By Nate Smith
Washington Times Herald


Employees at the Washington Gibco shop on Cosby Road woke to an erroneous media report Friday their shop was closing and 150 employees had lost their jobs.

The report, made by Washington radio station WAMW-AM and FM, was false.

"We are not ceasing operations," Gibco owner Larry Meeks said. "I don't know where this information came from." The information was reported that employees were surprised to learn the Washington shop was shutting down and 150 employees were losing their jobs.

The truth, Meeks said, is the company is idling some of its coal hauling operation due to slowdowns at local mines.

He said eight drivers and two mechanics were given opportunities to work at other Gibco locations, like Sullivan or the Evansville shop.

The drivers are thinking over their situation, Meeks said, and one mechanic has chosen to be laid off.

"We still have operations there," Meeks said. "Each and everyone of those individuals was given a chance to relocate." Meeks said the ship has been in operation since 1993 or 1994 and has good employees in Washington. He wants to keep as many as possible.

"We still have trucks there," Meeks said.

Local Peabody mines, like the one at Corning, are slowing down due to the low price and availability of coal.

According to DLC Media owner Dave Crooks, WAMW is in the process of making a retraction of the story and apologizing to Gibco for the error.