The Washington Times-Herald

April 11, 2013

Council hears about health pilot program

Lindsay Owens
Washington Times Herald

WASHINGTON — Public Health Nurse and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Kathy Sullender asked the the Daviess County Council Wednesday to consider adopting a pilot program for the health department to have electronic record capabilites for communication purposes and sharing with the State Department of Health and insurance companies.

Sullender said by 2015 the department needed to have the capabilities and the pilot program, which will be paid for the first two years by the State, would offer the local health department software  and training.  After two years, the software would cost the county $5,000 each year. She said switching to electronic records and documents would save the county about $20,000 each year.

The Council also again tabled the legal bills brought to them by the Bennington Levee board for defending the levee board against the county after the levee's breach in 2010.

The bills, that total more than $11, 800, are to be paid to attorneys Ziemer, Stayman, Wetzel and Shoulders who are based in Evansville. Council members, as well as County Attorney Grant Swartzentruber, believe the claims are out of their fiduciary authority.