The Washington Times-Herald

June 21, 2013

West End reunions hope to help Lena Dunn

By Nate Smith
Washington Times-Herald

ODON — For as long as anyone can remember, the city of Washington was divided by many categories according to where they lived. For example, the East Side and the West End.

While some may think the designation is derogatory, many who grew up and still live in Washington’s West End consider the label a badge of honor.

On July 20, Westenders will celebrate their heritage with a reunion at Eastside Park. In a release, the group hopes to change the park’s name to “Westside Park” for a day.

The idea for the reunion, according to Chris Nathan, was from a group on Facebook that celebrated the neighborhoods in which they grew up.

“We thought ‘Hey, let’s get together,’” Nathan said.

And the group is getting together for a good cause, helping Lena Dunn school. Many of the events at the reunion will also serve as fundraisers for the school.

Some of the events include a White Elephant sale with the proceeds going to the school.

“We will get together and have people bring school supplies and give it back to Lena Dunn,” Nathan said.

The school is in need of headphones for its library and reading program, but all supplies will be accepted for the reunion.

Besides the White Elephant sale, other events will be held including a raffle for a blanket, a T-shirt sale and a tribute table to display photos or messages of loved ones.

Families and those attending the reunion will have a potluck dinner starting at noon on July 20. Participants are asked to bring covered dishes or desserts. Reunion attendees should also bring plates, utensils and beverages.

The main reason for the reunion, Nathan said, was to catch up and remember.

“We just had this closeness,” Nathan said of her West End neighborhood. “It’s just fun to share the stories. “It’s pretty cool because everyone doesn’t forget where they came from, It was the best. I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything.”

For more information, check “Kids from the good old West End” on Facebook, or contact Nathan at 254-3502.