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November 27, 2013

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Most Valuable Players — Jenna Knepp, Hania Sisco, Tiara Kenney, Hannah Bullock and Tracy Graber.

All Blue Chip Conference — Jenna Knepp, Hannah Bullock, Tiara Kenney andTracy Graber.

All Blue Chip Conference Honorable Mention — Hania Sisco

Top Blocker Award — Tracy Graber, 101 Block Kills.

Top Server — Courtney Pruett, 289 service points.

Top Serving Percentage — Courtney Pruett, 97.3 percent.

Defensive Specialist — Hannah Bullock, 573 Digs, 2.5 serve receive average.

Assists Leader — Jenna Knepp, 1211 (Now all time career leader).

Co-Ace Server Award — Molly Chilton and Skylar Chestnut.

Most Improved Player — Tracy Graber

Co-Offensive Players — Tiara Kenney, 400 kills and Hania Sisco 405.

Team Co-Mental Attitude Award — Hania Sisco and Allison Hoover.

Team Success Awards — Allison Hoover, Courtney Lasher, Megan Graber, Macin Graber, Leah Bullock, Peyton Lengacher and Bethanie Knepp.

Team Senior Captains — Jenna Knepp, Hania Sisco, Allison Hoover and Tracy Graber.

South Junior All Star Tryouts — Hannah Bullock, Tiara Kenney, Molly Chilton and Skylar Chestnut.

Senior South All Stars Team 1A-2A —Jenna Knepp, Hania Sisco, Tracy Graber and Allison Hoover.

ICGSA All-State Player-Class 1A-2A-1st Team —Jenna Knepp

ICGSA All-State Player-Class 1A-2nd Team — Hania Sisco

ICGSA All-State Academic-Honorable Mention Player-Class 1A-2A — Hania Sisco

IHSAA State Class 1A State Finals Mental Attitude Award Recipient — Jenna Knepp

Varsity Volleyball Letter Winners — Jenna Knepp (4), Hania Sisco (4), Tiara Kenney (3), Tracy Graber (3), Hannah Bullock (3), Molly Chilton (3), Skylar Chestnut (2) , Allison Hoover (2), Courtney Lasher (1), Courtney Pruett (1), Macin Graber (1) and Megan Graber (1).

Student Manager Awards — Erin Healy (1), Elaina Kavanaugh (2), Kara Nicholson (2), Rachel Coudret (3), Makenzie Hudson (1) and Olivia Carroll (1).

Volleyball Team Season Success 2013-14 – Season Record 38-2, 41st Consecutive winning season, Rated No. 2 in Class 1A at Seasons End, Blue Chip Conference Champions 8-0, Invitational Champions of Mt. Vernon, Boonville & Barr-Reeve Tourneys, IHSAA Sectional, Regional, Semi-State Champions and IHSAA Class 1A STATE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS.