The Washington Times-Herald

December 9, 2013

Shooting plays out on social media

By Nate Smith
Times Herald

---- — The shooting of teenager Devan Burris has stirred emotions in family members of the young man and by those in connection with allegedly killing him.

Burris, 17, was a soon-to-be father and girlfriend Kelly Fisher remembered him as a kind-hearted young man.

"He was the sweetest guy I ever met," Fisher said. "I loved that boy with all my heart even (though) I was four years older than him."

She went on to say that Burris was not just her boyfriend, but her best friend, someone she described as goofy and funny. A person that always kept her smiling.

"He tried cheering up anyone who was sad," Fisher said.

The two were to have a child together. Fisher said she is three months pregnant and Burris was excited to become a father.

"It kills me to know our child won't get to meet his or her dad," Fisher said.

Three Washington residents, Logan Evans, Lucas Benjamin and Heaven Berry, were arrested in connection to the shooting. Evans is being charged with murder.

Throughout the weekend, as many waited for police to tie together the investigation, many took to social media to find answers.

On public Facebook pages, many saw references to drugs and criminal life. Berry, before she gave herself up to police Sunday, posted several messages on her page.

On one message, she said she was conflicted by Burris death, but heartbroken over Evans' possible role.

"I'm dying (on) the inside but I'm staying strong on the outside but on the inside, I'm slowly dying," Berry wrote.

Evans' mother, Sheila Evans, was arrested on an unrelated charge. She was released on $2,500 bond. She also took to Facebook after the arrest and asked for forgiveness.

"This is a tragedy for everyone close to both boys," Evans said. "I know that my son never meant for this to happen."

Fisher said the pain of losing her boyfriend and the father of their child has been difficult.

"He hated seeing me hurt, it hurt him," Fisher said. "I'm trying to be strong for him and our little Devan. It's just so hard to keep the pain away. My heart aches for his mom, she shouldn't have to go through this ever."

A memorial service is scheduled for Burris on Friday.