The Washington Times-Herald

May 13, 2013

DCH to hold disaster drill Tuesday

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Washington Times Herald

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, Daviess Community Hospital is taking part in a disaster drill for Indiana Region 10, which encompasses a 10 county area in Southern Indiana. 

The hospital, in cooperation with local emergency medical services, law enforcement and fire services will stage a disaster drill scenario that will occur in the city of Washington.  This drill will occur between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon. 

During this time, there will be increased radio traffic on scanners, an increase in sirens, and extra emergency vehicle traffic at the site of the staged disaster and in the area of the hospital.

Participation in the drill allows for increased training and teamwork between the Daviess Community Hospital and local emergency agencies. This type of training will allow all involved to be better prepared for actual disasters when they do occur