The Washington Times-Herald

December 4, 2012

Woman jailed after domestic stabbing

By Andrea McCann
Washington Times Herald

WASHINGTON — A Washington woman is lodged at the Daviess County Security Center after allegedly stabbing her husband Friday.

Tammy Lynn Stoll, 43, of 819 Axtell Ave., was arrested for battery by means of a deadly weapon, domestic battery and battery resulting in serious bodily injury after Washington Police officers responded to a call about a physical and verbal altercation at the Stoll home around 9:38 p.m.

When officers arrived at the residence they discovered both Tammy and Elijah Stoll with wounds, and Southwest Medical was called to the scene. According to the probable cause affidavit, Elijah had a stab wound consistent with a defensive injury on his left forearm. He also had scratch marks on his forearm and abdomen, which he told officers were caused when Tammy swung the knife at him multiple times.

Tammy had wounds to her face and cuts on the inside of the middle and ring fingers of her left hand. Detective Daniel Christie asked Tammy how she sustained the injuries to her fingers, and she replied she didn’t know.

“Based on (my) training and experience, it is not uncommon for a person to stab someone causing their grip to slip and cut themselves on the knife,” Christie wrote in the affidavit.

Based on an investigation at the scene and interviews with the couple, whose stories differed in part, it was determined the Stolls’ altercation began inside the house and moved outdoors, where they were located when officers arrived. Both said they had been arguing about money.

According to Christie’s report, there was a large amount of blood spatter throughout several rooms in the house and broken items in one room where there appeared to have been a struggle. Elijah told officers he struck Tammy in the face after she stabbed him, and she fell to the ground causing the knife to pull out of his arm. While she was on the floor, he said, he attempted to leave.

As Elijah was trying to start his pickup, Tammy came out of the house and slashed a tire on the truck. He told officers he got out of the truck and threw a brick at her to knock the knife out of her hand. At that point Ptl. Daniel Wilkins arrived on the scene and ordered the couple away from the knife, which he could see laying on the ground.

Tammy denied stabbing Elijah and told investigators he must’ve stabbed himself on the way out of the house. She said the blood spatter in the residence was from a bloody nose Elijah gave her.

Both Stolls were treated and released at Daviess Community Hospital. Elijah was transported home, and Tammy was transported to the Daviess County Security Center, where she was being held on $100,000 bond.