The Washington Times-Herald

May 18, 2013

Obaseki moving up the ladder

By Gregg A. Sims
Washington Times Herald

WASHINGTON — Ben Obaseki was happy with his performance at the three-day rookie mini-camp of the Green Bay Packers. Now it is up to the Packers, or another team, to make a call.

Obaseki was invited to the mini-camp by the Packers that ended last Saturday, and he thinks he put on a good performance despite having to make some rather quick adjustments.

The former Indiana State and Washington player was asked to move from defensive end to outside linebacker for the camp.

“There are differences in what you do when you’re playing outside linebacker,” Obaseki said. “I was a defensive end in college. I never dropped back. It was a quick amount of time to learn to do coverage’s and learn the play book in three days. I feel confident about what I did.”

The three-days were filled with some medical testing, workouts and meetings to learn the playbook.

“The three days were similar,” Obaseki said. “I was a great experience for me. I think I learned a lot.”

Obaseki was one of six players brought into the camp for the linebacker post. Three of the players were already under contract.

He was also still recovering from a wrist injury he suffered in Indiana State’s opening game last fall against Indiana University. He played the remainder of the season before having surgery at the end of the campaign to correct the problem.

Obaseki and his agent are now waiting to see what develops as spring turns to summer.

“We’re waiting to see if we hear back from the Packers or another team.” Obaseki said. “I’m hoping to have the chance to be invited to some preseason camps.”

Obaseki said his agent is also seeking interest from the Canadian Football League.

“I’m mostly just continuing my training and see what happens,” Obaseki said. “If things don’t work out, I’ll keep training and try to go to some pro days next year. I’ll have a full year for my wrist to recover, but I’m definitely hoping to hear from someone this year.”

The Washington grad does have some other work to keep him busy while he waits for the call. He is presently finishing up his undergraduate work at Indiana State this summer to obtain a degree that could develop into graduate work in physical therapy or a medical field.

“I’m finishing school this semester,” Obaseki said. “I hope to do an internship and have the chance to attend grad school if nothing happens with football by next year.”