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July 7, 2013

Spring All-Area

From Staff Reports
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WASHINGTON — As usual, selecting All-Area teams is never easy, and this spring was no different.

There were certainly athletes that were easy selections for teams, especially for the top athletes in a particular sport.

Barr-Reeve's Connor Sorrells certainly had a senior year to remember.

Sorrells won the state cross country title last fall, and placed second this spring in the 3,200 meters.

Washington's Madison Decker continues to build her running career.

Decker won the 3,200 meters in the sectional, and is expected to have a banner fall and spring when school resumes for 2013-2014.

Picking a Player of the Year in softball was also pretty easy. There are two.

Washington's Allexis Lemon and Loogootee's Gabrielle Ritchey set the pace, not only in this season, but also during their careers. They shared that honor.

Tennis was also shared in one sense. Washington's doubles team of Audra Stallman and Rachel Chattin progressed to the State Doubles Regional before losing in the tournament.

There were plenty of candidates for baseball. Nearly every school had its own, but Brayden Walls of Washington was our pick.

Finally, area golfers are progressing. Clay Hatton is our winner this year.

Hatton returns next season along with last year's winner Cam Lancaster and runner-up Eric Wagler of Barr-Reeve.

Each area team has several players returining for the 2014 spring. It should be a great season.

Below is a listing of each sport with the members of our teams.

Congratulations to each athlete.


Athlete of the Season

Connor Sorrells - Barr-Reeve

Team members

Damon Pruett - Barr-Reeve

Jarit Perkins - Barr-Reeve

Tyler Walls - Washington

Jake Brashear - Washington

Andrew Brothers - Washington

Logan Sipes - Washington

Austin Gray - Washington

Zachary Walker - Washington

Blaine Arney - Washington

Thomas Keller - Washington

James Wilson - Washington

Garrett Burton - Washington

Jalen Madison - Washington

Sam Baker - Washington Catholic

Liam Hollihan - Loogootee

Zach Wagler - Loogootee

Zach Baker - North Daviess


Athlete of the Season

Madison Decker - Washington

Team Members

Jenna Legg - Washington

Brandy White - Washington

Gianna Granger - Washington

Audra Lane - Washington

Izzy Waggoner - Washington

McKenzie Norton - Washington

Ashley Downs - Washington

Elaynna Brashear - Washington

Madison Igleheart - Washington

Lupe Perez - Washington

Ashlyn Stoll - Washington

Sarah Wichman - Washington Catholic

Shirsten Speer - North Daviess

Kaylee Potts - North Daviess

Kenzie Roark - North Daviess

Madi Webster - North Daviess

Brooke Mallett - North Daviess

Jessa Newby - North Daviess

Madison Spears - North Daviess

Kayla Wagler - Barr- Reeve

Cassidy Brothers - Barr-Reeve


Co-Players of the Season

Allexis Lemon -Washington

Gabrielle Ritchey - Loogootee

Team Members

Paige Hawthorne - Washington

Kirsten Burks - Washington

Ashley Hayes - Washington

Skylar Chestnut - Barrr-Reeve

Molleigh Doyle - Barr-Reeve

Briona Miller - Barr-Reeve

Jenna Knepp - Barr-Reeve

Henley Dent - Barr-Reeve

Molly Wallace - Barr-Reeve

Tailon Graber - North Daviess

Larynda Keith - North Daviess

Brooke Lindy - North Daviess

Jess Miller - North Daviess

Ashley Troutman - North Daviess

Morgan Wadsworth - North Daviess

Madison Zins - Loogootee

Remington Wagler - Loogootee

Waylee Wagoner - Loogootee

Lauren Bowling - Loogootee


Co-Players of the Season

Audra Stallman - Washington

Rachel Chattin - Washington

Team members

Britney Pearson - Washington

Madison Reed - North Daviess

Taylor Jeffers - North Daviess

Allison Hoover - Barr-Reeve

BaLeigh Miller - Barr-Reeve

Kaitlin Swartzentruber - Barr-Reeve

Destiny Kidwell - Barr-Reeve

Hania Sisco - Barr-Reeve


Player of the Season

Brayden Walls - Washington

Team members

Nathan Sult- Washington

Tyler Edmiston - Washington

Jake Bedwell -Washington

Brandon Wagler - Barr- Reeve

Heath Graber - Barr-Reeve

Addison Wagler - Barr-Reeve

Adam Graber - Barr-Reeve

Matt Mathies - Loogootee

Connor Wittmer - Loogootee

Trevor Resler - Loogootee

Waylon Matthews - Loogootee

Casey Miller - Loogootee

Branden Wilz - Loogootee

Will Nonte - Loogootee

Alex Wittmer - North Daviess

Nate Gingerich - North Daviess


Athlete of the Season

Clay Hatton - Washington

Team members

Cam Lancaster - Washington

Tyler Stoll - Washington

Connor Brown - Washington

Devan Rude - Washington

Ethan Witchman - Washington Catholic

Eric Wagler - Barr-Reeve

Tucker Fischer - North Daviess

Lane Heshelman - North