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November 23, 2011

Problem as plain as nose on your face

Joplin — I’m aware of my nose.

I first read about the concept of becoming aware of something that normally we take for granted when I was a kid reading a collection of “Peanuts” cartoons. Really, is there a better comic strip than “Peanuts”? If there is, I’m not sure what it would be.

Sure there are great comic strips out there and there have been great comic strips in the past, but for my money “Peanuts” is probably the best.

How great is it? It’s so great that more than 11 years after the death of Charles Schulz — the creator of “Peanuts” — the strip is still repeated in hundreds of newspapers across the country.

Anyway, in the cartoon one of the characters, I think it was Linus, says, “Oh no. I’m aware of my tongue.” I remember reading that cartoon and immediately becoming aware of my tongue.

Since then, I have occasionally become aware of my toes. I’ve become aware of my elbows. Sometimes, if I am wearing a pair of socks that I feel don’t match what I’m wearing, I will become aware of my socks.

Now, I am aware of my nose. You know how every once in a while some sort of growth will pop up on your nose? Usually, the little growths pop up right before an important event like a prom, a wedding or a Republican presidential debate. Most of the time, these growths are relatively harmless and go away as soon as the important event is over and nobody cares what you look like.

When I have one of those growth issues on my nose, I immediately become aware of my nose. And, if the growth issue is enough of an issue that I can see it, I become even more aware of my nose. That’s because the issue often is so close to my eyes that it looks more like Mount Rushmore than a small growth issue.

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