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December 6, 2011

Free market has failed the U.S.


Anderson —

According to Stern, Orville Schell, director of the Center on U.S. China Relations at the Asia Society, said, "I think we have come to realize the ability to plan is exactly what is missing in America."

Has the U.S. come to realize that? It certainly doesn’t seem so. Planning requires setting aside funds for investments in the country, including Social Security, education, infrastructure, job training and manufacturing and technology work. Removing such a large amount of money from the market would enrage conservatives who want very dime destined for the Wall Street casino where the rich can get richer and the rest of the country can go to blazes.

As a driver of 21st century economic and technology growth the free market system is a dismal failure and should be consigned, as Stern puts it, to the trash heap of history. Progress is going to require the government to take an active role in promoting the nation’s welfare (which is in the Constitution) and not leave it to a bunch of rich, self-serving jackals whose only purpose is to fatten their portfolios and drool over their next luxury purchase.

Conservatives want to maintain this winner-take-all absurdity, but if the U.S. keeps following this scenario the rest of the world will leave it behind. It’s a shame to see Europe falling for the same old neoliberal economic tactics that have rendered the U.S. a divided nation.

Here in Anderson, Ind., city officials vowed never again to put all their eggs in one basket after General Motors left and took 23,000 jobs with it. But the U.S. is doing the same thing: putting all its faith and tying its future to an unfettered free market that has led the country to ruin. Need evidence? Just look around.


Stephen Dick is an editor at The Herald Bulletin in Anderson, Ind. Contact him at


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