The Washington Times-Herald

December 3, 2011

County thinks of tax payers

TH Editorial Board
Washington Times-Herald

WASHINGTON — Daviess County Commissioners and Council were thinking of the taxpayers in their recent decision to limit the number of sick days that can be accumulated and increasing the number of years an employee must work for the county before collecting a cash pay out for unused days.

In the past, county policy has had the county paying out thousands of dollars for unused sick days. Taxpayer dollars. We are glad that county employees are allowed to carry over a certain number of sick days, as some illnesses or accidents call for an employee to miss weeks and sometimes months of work while recovering.

For those employees who don’t find the need or necessity for “calling in sick,” we salute them for their good health and work ethic. It’s great that they haven’t had to use sick days and possibly after 10 years with the county they should receive some compensation for being at work every day.

But for the employees to dip into the county coffers for thousands of dollars in payouts, especially in these tough economic times is not fair to the taxpayers who may not have the same policy at their place of work.

It wasn’t an easy decision and we commend county officials for forming a committee of elected officials and county employees to hammer out a compromise. Not everyone is happy with the final decisions, but then, very seldom is everyone happy. It takes strength of character to stand up for what’s right in the face of those that may be hurt by it.

We’re commending our county officials for having that strength of character.