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December 3, 2011

Traditional Shopping?

WASHINGTON — I saw something recently on Facebook that made me think.

A friend re-posted, “I love going to the Dollar Store, because I feel like when I do, I don’t have to dress up like I’m going to Walmart.”

I couldn’t tell whether I should laugh, cry or simply load up in my favorite Magilla Gorilla pajamas and head on over to the Dollar Store.

I think it says a lot about what our expectation have become as far as shopping goes. Maybe it meant she needed to be dressed comfortably and loose, a little like a ninja, because shopping is now an event where speed, stealth and viscousness are rewarded.

Or perhaps I have just become so high-faluten that I never realized my fancy tuxedo T-shirt was sending mixed social messages, when I was buying my 99 cent shampoo at Dollar Store — but I don’t think so.

In fact I believe I’m enough of a hillbilly that I’m pretty sure the best day I have in any calender year is the day when McDonald’s announces the annual reboot of the McRib. Between enjoying that saucy sensations and the free Coke glasses they also gave away recently, I would say my upcoming anniversary celebration has just about taken care of itself.

However, with all class warfare and domestic issues aside, I return to the swirling holiday shopping season and what our expectations have really become in a world where Labor Day now kicks off the Christmas spending season.

Now I’m the first one to be drawn to the latest electronic trinkets and beads, and I too would have probably traded Manhattan to the Dutch for a new iPhone with an unlimited data package. However, I would say Black Friday has truly “jumped the shark.”

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