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December 7, 2011

Baby boom professionals embrace video conferencing


Richmond —

Scott Neal, a fee-based financial planner in Lexington, is another who has embraced video conferencing in a big way. Neal, whose extensive background in accounting led him to the fee-based planning concept, has a partner in Louisville, a city with a similar background. They meet online daily and have staff meetings over video.

Video conferencing is not a new technology. But being able to do it easily and efficiently, with good quality, is new to me. It opens up new ways to communicate and grow my business. I am technologically hip for someone who grew up with slide rules and before personal computers, but there are gaps in my ability to use complex equipment.

Now communicating around the world is as easy as picking up a television remote.

A couple of decades after John Watts described it, the Financial Services Shockwave has finally arrived.


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