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December 22, 2011

The pig that popped my Christmas


Jeffersonville —


Like a mother who lost her child’s one favorite thing, I hunted down a store employee to ask for help.

“Pop the what?” he said looking down at his electronic inventory-checking device.

“Pig. It’s Pop the Pig. You feed it burgers and its belly gets bigger,” I said.

“Is it a video game?” he asked, turning to go toward the electronics department.

“Nope, it’s a board game. But, without a board. It’s a pig, and you feed it,” I knew how crazy I sounded, but couldn’t stop. “The more you feed it, the bigger its belly gets until —”

“Wait, I found it,” he said, stopping me before I further embarrassed myself. “According to this it should be right here.”

He ran his finger along the shelves to the bottom row where I had started my search.

“Shoot, it looks like we’re out of them,” he said.

“I know there isn’t any right here, but I just called and they told me that you guys had three of them in the store,” I explained.

“When did you call?” he asked.

“Less than 30 minutes ago,” I whined.

“Gosh, they’re already gone. Sorry,” he said.

He really did sound sympathetic. He also confirmed there were none to be found at any other of their stores in the area.

“There may be more with the shipment we’ll get in a few days.”

I returned to my car empty handed. My pig chase was over.

Right then, in the crowded parking lot, I decided to give up the search. I was not going to rate my parenting on whether or not there would be a Pop the Pig box under our tree Christmas morning. Yes, I have more days available before Christmas arrives to run from store to store, looking for the ever elusive pig dressed as a chef (oh-the-irony); but, I’m not doing it.

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